Who We Are

Philosophy and Methodology

At Navint, we believe that your business’ ultimate potential is directly tied to the proper alignment of people, processes, and enterprise technology. Consequently, our core philosophy and approach to consulting center on the rapid identification of business opportunities and the deployment of solutions designed to deliver the requisite process and organizational change, coupled with smart IT solutions to capture those opportunities.

Navint consultants are senior-level professionals with extensive experience in change management and the utilization of technology as a driver of business growth. Stemming from our belief in the importance of agility and responsiveness throughout the consulting process, we have built a company with minimal bureaucracy and the ongoing involvement of senior-level partners for the duration of our engagement with your organization.

Successful, long-term acceptance of process change is the driving objective behind the Navint approach. From Change Management Leadership to Process Optimization and other core service areas, Navint consultants are personally invested in the strategic outcomes and growth in your business.

To learn more about how Navint services can apply our unique consulting philosophy and methodology to your organization’s most critical challenges, contact us.